The Cash Box Kings at its core comprises two seemingly disparate but highly synergetic singer/songwriters—founder/harpist Joe Nosek and Oscar Wilson, who are over-brimming with a deep bag of amazing blues, swing, rockabilly and hokum plus a moveable feast of very talented friends who fresh out the band. Nosek brings powerful tone and lung power to his inventive harp playing, while Wilson’s deep blues vocals will raise the hair on your neck.


The cast may include guitarists Joel Paterson and/or Billy Flynn, drummers Kenny “Beedy Eyes” Smith or Mark Haines, and bassist Brad Ber. Their repertoire runs an interesting gamut from Delta and Memphis blues from the early days, to Louisiana swamp blues, to the rich 1950s Chicago scene of nascent electric blues. Their original material is also written and composed in these classic styles. They stand out from the crowd by their intelligent, topical blues on such subjects as the gentrification of urban neighborhoods and downloading music off the Internet in addition to all the rest of their hard-swinging, non-stop, barrage of great music.

Since 2003 they have issued three CDs on the Blue Midnight imprint, one on Blue Bella, and three on Blind Pig including Black Top- pin’, Holler and Stomp, and Holding Court. Signed by Alligator Records, their latest CD is titled Royal Mint.

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