Corey Dennison, the pride of Soddy-Daisy, Tennessee, is one hell of an entertainer who seems to have a biological and psychological NEED to make music (he was actually born in Chattanooga and raised in Soddy-Daisy, but Soddy-Daisy sounds cooler).


Corey Dennison grew up surrounded by country and western music and picked up guitar from his grand- father and an uncle. But fortunately he heard blues and soul on the late-night airwaves, and when he came to Chicago he pursued the blues with a special urgency. He studied the local players and was fortunate to become apprenticed to Carl Weathersby for eight years during which he soaked up soul.


As insatiable and appreciative as an unchaperoned kid at Willy Wonka’s, he got to play with and learn from the Scott brothers, Jimmy Johnson, Kinsey Report, Buddy Guy, Nick Moss, Lurrie Bell, and more. He found another bond with multi-instrumentalist Gerry Hundt, formerly of the Nick Moss Band, who helped him write songs, which led to his first Delmark CD, The Corey Dennison Band, released in 2016. Delmark has since released Night After Night to pretty spectacular acclaim. The Corey Dennison Band is a rock- in’, soul-fueled dynamo that grooves as hard as any band on the scene. These boys don’t want to stop!

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