Gerry Hundt has at least two one-man band rigs: one is his standard street-corner multi-instrumental racket-maker, and the other a walking polyphonic personal thundering blues calliope (picture Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins, only much hipper).


Inspired by the spirit of Jesse “Lone Cat” Fuller, Doctor Ross, and Joe Hill Louis, Hundt’s a guitar-pickin’, drum-thumpin’, kazoo-blowin’ mashup of Blind Boy Fuller, Rube Goldberg, and the entire Mississippi Sheiks. You can expect to hear fine finger-picking blues, sweet ragtime, hokum, gospel melodies, and early amplified Chicago blues all conjuring the spirit of a raucous, drum-crashing, cone-rattling, shout through-the-harp-mike, Sunday morning at the Maxwell Street Market.


He says he came up with this out of necessity, but he’s also able to play with others. In fact he plays very well with others, as you will see tonight when he takes up his usual role as Corey Dennison’s partner on the Pritzker main stage.

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