Sleepy John Estes was one of the earliest recorded blues guitarists, having made his recording debut in 1929 for Victor. Rediscovered by Bob Koester and Sam Charters, Estes’ first recording for Delmark was The Legend of Sleepy John Estes in 1962—and then Delmark followed with seven more (Estes may hold the record—no pun intended—for the most Delmark releases). A guitarist and singer/songwriter with a high, plaintive vocal style, he was often partnered with harmonica and jug player Hammie Nixon and mandolinist Yank Rachell, with whom he made the rounds of folk festivals and universities during the great Folk Revival of the 1960s, and tours of Europe and Japan in the 1970s.


Gerry Hundt, a multi-instrumental a cionado of early blues, hokum, and jug band music, who often bills himself as the “one-man band,” (see today’s Rooftop Lounge for full bio) is


Ken Saydak beginning on Okeh records in 1929, and eventually recording on many of the top labels of the time—using several different names to circumvent contractual obligations. His en- during classics include Driving Wheel, 44 Blues, and Night Time is the Right Time. Del- mark Records issued five albums of Sykes’an excellent choice to pay tribute to Estes. He will be joined by his regular musical partner, Corey Dennison. Guitarist and singer Dennison hails from Tennessee, like Estes, and he finds his song material in the people and world at hand, as Estes did.

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