As stylish and regal as his name, Guy King puts on a lavish production, the centerpiece of which is his elegant guitar playing that even in its refinement retains the essence of the rowdy history of blues.


The Israeli-born King spent time in Memphis and New Orleans before making his presence known in Chica- go as guitarist for the late, beloved, west side legend, Willie Kent, with whom he worked for many years and recorded behind on Comin’ Alive (Blue Chicago), Kent’s nal recording.


In his big shows, Guy King’s old-fashioned mastery of swing is supported by tight, horn- punched arrangements, which he conducts like the seasoned pro that he has fast become. King has toured extensively in this country and abroad, appearing on an impressive list of festival stages, which are a perfect t for his smart, expansive sound.


His debut CD, Livin’ It, released in 2008 was a hit with the media and fans alike. His 2017 follow-up release on Delmark Records, Truth, reached the top spot on the Roots Music Report for contemporary blues, and garnered a Blues Foundation nomination for Best Emerging Artist Album.

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