Linsey Alexander (Delmark) Guitarist/singer/songwriter


Linsey Alexander has a familiar grounding for a Chicago bluesman: born in Holly Springs, Mississippi in 1942, he relocated to Memphis for a time before he then rode the big grey dog to Chicago as a young man. In his new south side environs he was exposed to copious amounts of live blues, R&B and soul, which inspired him to take up the guitar and sing. After performing with several bands in small south side clubs, he eventually found a bigger audience and more work on the north side blues scene. Realizing that there was a market in selling self-produced CDs from the bandstand in these clubs, he issued four of them: Someone’s Cookin’ In My Kitchen, My Days Are So Long, Linsey Alexander Live, and If You Ain’t Got It.


His 2012 Delmark outing, Been There Done That, was his rst for an established label. With a foundation of solid Chicago blues, Alexander layers on some R&B and soul and even throws in a touch of funk. Linsey’s follow-up CD, released in August 2014, Come Back Baby, continues his string of highly entertaining blues and R&B, and of course his very much in-demand, ribald original compositions, as does his latest Delmark release, titled Two Cats.


Linsey Alexander was inducted into the Chicago Blues Hall of Fame on June 8th, 2014.

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