LJ Echols

LJ Echols was born in Basseld, Mississippi, about thirty miles from Hattiesburg, and grew up singing with his family’s gospel group, The Echols Family.


After recording two successful CDs with the group, he moved to the Dallas, Texas area in 1999 to try his luck as an R&B performer, playing bass, singing, and writing material. In 2004, he decided to go it alone as a soul artist, recording Well Runs Dry, an album of southern soul issued on his own label, Neckbone Records.


In 2008, he followed up with Another Level (with some production assistance from Mel Waiters and Sir Charles Jones), from which the single, From the Back, received airplay throughout the South and Mid- west. Those albums were soon followed by two others, A New Beginning, Taste Like Candy, and some EPs and singles. Echols has been producing a sizable library of slick story videos to accompany his singles.

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