Melody Angel is a young woman from Chicago who is possessed of a killer, passionate voice, with a terrific vocal range and impressive stage presence. Her performances have drawn comparisons to Mary J. Blige and Tracey Chapman, among others.


Making an appearance in 2009 on P. Diddy’s Starmaker MTV show, she positively nailed her selections, with full command of her material, the stage and audience, but ultimately lost to a judge’s choice. The numbers she performed on MTV, as well as many of the songs on her YouTube channel, are covers representing a wide range of folk, blues, urban, country, R&B, and pop.


But she is beginning to forge an identity for herself with some original material that melds her emotionally charged vocals with some capable storytelling, tackling personal issues and urban themes such as drive-by shootings. A self-taught guitarist who can do a lot with a little (don’t forget Blues Hall of Famer Jimmy Reed was a rudimentary guitarist who did pretty good for himself), she has been performing as a trio with a drummer and bassist.


Melody Angel is a talent to keep your eye on.

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