Founded by harmonicist and songwriter Pierre Lacocque in 1991, Mississippi Heat specializes in the ensemble sound of traditional Chicago-style blues with an emphasis on individuality and originality. Lacocque, in spite of his erudite background and classical education, found he had to play the blues he loved.


He has applied his passion and the discipline of his training to his playing and songwriting. He writes all of the band’s material. The band has employed some of the nest and most respected traditional Chicago blues musicians throughout the years. The current lineup features lead vocalist Inetta Visor, with Giles Corey and Michael Dotson on guitars and vocals, Brian Quinn on bass, and Kenny Smith or Terrence Williams on drums. Inetta Visor, whose singing has been compared to Etta James, was born and raised on Chicago’s south side and has been with Mississippi Heat more than a dozen years.

Giles Corey (Andrew Osis) became a member of Mississippi Heat in 2006 and maintains that relationship on a guest basis while finding time to also gig with his other bands, Stoned Soul and Lubriphonic (see full bio above).


Billy Flynn is a past member of Mississippi Heat and recorded with them on three of their twelve albums. As a guitar player of impeccable taste and skill, especially when it comes to Chicago blues, he has become a much in-demand session player and bandleader, but still finds time to play with old friends.

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