It seems an audacious move to take a name suggesting a manstealing counterpart of the male character from the cuckolding Southern soul classic ‘Jody’ songs, but Joanne Vertie Delapaz, a.k.a., Ms. Jody, has successfully embraced the persona, and has thus far turned out a dozen albums exclusively on the Southern soul label, Ecko Records of Memphis.


Born in Chicago, but raised and still living in Bay Springs, Mississippi, Ms. Jody is a lifelong songstress who grew up singing gospel in her father’s Jerusalem Lake Como Baptist Church. She was inspired to take up blues and R&B after seeing Denise LaSalle sing at a big blues show.


Lacking a resume and armed with only her native ability and a demo (backed by local R&B band, Total Control), she walked into Ecko Records and secured her first recording deal. The result was her 2006 release, You’re My Angel. Her street-tough delivery of ribald and salacious lyrics, balanced by advice and cautionary tales, had immediate appeal—especially to the female segment of the Southern soul blues market. She has kept up the hectic pace of turning out about one CD a year to keep her voracious fans satisfied.

In 2008 Ms. Jody was nominated for several awards including the Jackson Music Awards, International Female Vocalist of The Year, and the Jus Blues Music Awards, Best New Southern Soul Artist of The Year.

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