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7401 S Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL


“Lee’s Unleaded Blues Club has been a South Side hot spot for the blues since the 1970s, when it was Queen Bee’s Lounge. Lee’s Unleaded Blues Club has received all types of national coverage and praise, having been featured in National Geographic, and Men’s Journal magazine named as one of the ‘Six Best Juke Joints in the Country’.” ROAD TRIPPERS

Warren Berger took ownership of Lee’s in 2018. Berger’s mission has been to not only preserve the legacy of this cherished blues bar but also to inject it with renewed vitality for a new generation of fans. The area surrounding the venue had seen its fair share of changes, prompting discussions about potential relocations to more developed parts of the city. However, Berger’s unwavering dedication to maintaining the bar’s roots prevailed.

The history of Lee’s Unleaded Blues is intertwined with the vibrant tapestry of Chicago’s blues culture. Originally opened by Ray and Leola “Lee” Grey in 1983, the bar became a haven for the city’s blues artists. Following the passing of her husband Stan Davis, a retired police officer, Yvonne Davis took over the venue in 2010. Under her stewardship, the bar continued to thrive until its temporary closure in 2015. Warren Berger’s involvement in the resurrection of Lee’s is driven by a passion for the music, a deep respect for its legacy, and a determination to uphold its significance in the community.


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