Rockwell Avenue Blues

The Rockwell Avenue Blues Band is newly comprised of old friends—guitarist Steve Freund, vocalist Tad Robinson, keyboarder Ken Saydak, drummer Marty Binder, and bassist Harlan Terson—they take their name from the Chicago street on which Delmark’s headquarters and Riverside Studio is located—signicant for the common bond they have through Delmark for whom they have all recorded at one time or another.


Their new release is titled Back to Chicago, signicant because despite their far flung present homes, Chicago was where they were rst friends and aspiring musicians many decades ago, and where many honed their various axes to ne cutting edges— Freund with Lee Jackson, Sunnyland Slim, and James Cotton, Saydak with Lonnie Brooks and Mighty Joe Young, Robinson with Dave Spec- ter, Terson with Lonnie Brooks and Otis Rush,Binder with Junior Wells, Buddy Guy, and Albert Collins.


These guys have mastered their craft, having first learned directly from original masters of the blues, and now they collectively bring their skills, heart, and passion to blues that is both classic and inventively original.

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